We function as the facilitator between the client and our team. We keep the ball rolling and provide insight and knowledge into what our clients need to succeed.




The creative minds in Lindsey + Asp are what makes us tick and produce such inspiring work. Each creative brings a new perspective to the agency. Not only do we provide our clients with top notch talent, we also train the future of the creative industry within our creative internship.



We help you go beyond simple analytics to know what to do with the data with mission, product service offering and success metrics. We train client organizations on best digital practices and monitor, measure and analyze their digital presence.



We are the connected pieces between our clients and the media. We function to promote our clients to not only their target audience, but everyone. 



Our video team enables us to compete with full-scale agencies. They provide the ability to portray our clients in a whole new spectrum. 


MEDIA & Research branch

The Media Team's main goal is to help raise awareness and publicize stories about Lindsey + Asp and our clients to local media outlets. The members inside this team are trained on how to pitch stories along with proper writing format for media releases. Overall, they want to build meaningful relationships between our clients and the media. 

The Research Team is focused on conducting market research to support new business initiatives. They are also responsible for investigating trending topics in our region that could be useful to clients and outside organizations.