Success Vodka


The agency had the opportunity to work on a rebranding effort for one a client, Success Vodka. We worked on two completely different approaches to the brand and put together a comprehensive plan for each. We also conducted interviews & focus groups for the pitch. To the left you will see some of the awesome creative we put together. 


OU Sports

Not only do we love our OU Sports, we represent many of them here at Lindsey + Asp. We currently serve OU Rugby, OU Men's Basketball and OU Women's Basketball. 


Boren Mentoring Initiative 


Working with non-profits has been a very valuable experience and adds a different angle to our client roster. The Boren Mentoring Initiative is one of longest client relationships and provides us with many opportunities to create meaningful campaigns. 



#ForTheBoys -­ What started as a creative way to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, as well as men’s health, soon became a personal mission for 44 students. When our advertising advisor heard about the No Shave November competition on the Today Show, we knew this was something of which we had to be a part. However, little did we know that this would be a motivating factor for our public relations adviser, Bob “Pritch” Pritchard, to open up about his recent diagnosis for prostate cancer. From putting mustaches on the bathroom mirrors, to sneaking onto campus at 1:00 a.m. to put beards on all of our statues, this group was not just going to toss away our razors for a month (even though men and women both went “sans shaving” for Movember). We made it our personal mission to make sure every student on campus was talking about Movember. We even created more than 50 fake testicles out of tennis balls and pantyhose to hang from every tree in the heart of campus. Donations were received from all across the country and a benefit night was held at the local hotdog shop with the tagline “Eat a Weiner, Save the Balls.” More importantly, Lindsey + Asp, as an organization was able to do something in return for all of the great things Pritch has done for us during our collegiate careers.